Taking a moment to look at my surroundings

So It is 01:14 AM It is raining (again) when it is supposed to the end of May, but the UK being the wonderful country we are it of course is raining. I had leftover takeaway for supper (so much for the healthy eating, but it is the weekend and I am being naughty before … Continue reading Taking a moment to look at my surroundings


The Devil that is self Harm

Intentionally damaging and injuring the body. A way of coping. Bleeding instead of crying, but most of the time doing both. A visual reminder of the low times in life. I don't know what led me to self harm, I don't remember the first time I did it. I remember punishing myself by not eating, … Continue reading The Devil that is self Harm

Weight, History and Eating Disorders

Pretty much everyone has body worries, too tall, too short, no thigh gap, or for most of us.... TOO FAT!! I come under the obese category, 5 ft 5 inches and 103kg. BMI of 37.3 (lower than what I was!) When I was in school I went through a stage of eating less and liking … Continue reading Weight, History and Eating Disorders