My name is Stacie-Mai and I am a nailbiter!!

I have a horrible horrible habit. I BITE MY NAILS!! I have forever been trying to stop, I let them grow a bit and then I see a tiny peel, chip or a bit that isn't straight and I try to fix it and two minutes later the nail is gone!! I have been good … Continue reading My name is Stacie-Mai and I am a nailbiter!!


Diet Week one….here we go

OMG having visitors over resulted in a 1kg gain....  This is my highest weight since 2011. MONDAY Breakfast: this involved a weight watchers lemon yoghurt - WOW This tasted exactly like the icing on those Mr Kipling Lemon sponge cakes!! Delicious!! Lunch: the shop didn't have the wholemeal wraps but the nearest thing was best … Continue reading Diet Week one….here we go

Plan B going well …….. so far

So plan B is full steam ahead!! We have made My roasted veg soup in four VERY LARGE tubs ready for freezing. Chicken noodle soup in two large batches for either freezing or for tomorrow evening, we haven't quite decided as of yet. Two portions of chicken in a smoky barbeque sauce, this will also … Continue reading Plan B going well …….. so far