Where out of hours lead….

As you can guess - yes I drove 20 odd miles ( each way) to be told "Go and get a second opinion from your GP" NEXT DAY Contact GP surgery and they didn't ask a million questions they offered me an appointment with the paramedic that afternoon. The paramedic was lovely and sent me … Continue reading Where out of hours lead….


Day 41 – Sick of being sick

After a long 41 days, Out of Hours visits, GP visits, nurse visits and calls to NHS Direct I am still in pain. GP now saying Chronic Appendicitis, but my two blood tests done a week and two weeks before don't show WBC elevation and I am not actively vomiting so they don't suggest Hospital!! … Continue reading Day 41 – Sick of being sick

My Other blog #businesspitch

So if you read my previous post you would have seen that I have another blog, this blog is my business blog and is off to a slow start, however it will get more active as time goes on 😀 The link to my business blog is : https://addsomesparkleblog.wordpress.com My business webpage is: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/StacieMai My … Continue reading My Other blog #businesspitch