Monthly Archives: May 2016

What to watch next….

So I have spent a lot of time at home lately as you know if you read my blog. In that time I have watched: Almost every episode of Friends (lost a few discs to other cases) Downton Abbey (although Now TV said 9 seasons, season 9 was a xmas episode and I swear there is a series missing) Greys

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Infection Update

So after seeing the Out of Hours Doctor on the weekend then being told to see the GP today I decided to do just that. Asked for Doctor but sent to see nurse, which was a nice nurse and met the Doctor briefly too due to me now having Ketones in my urine (Sorry if TMI) Doctor came to give

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Update 😷

So last weekend and this week have revolved around one thing….PAIN!! Wounds got very red and sore and left it until Monday because I can’t drive to out of hours, then tried GP monday and asked for a home visit….they only do them in really bad situations (which mine apparently isn’t!) so ended up with the district nurse coming to

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