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What to watch next….

So I have spent a lot of time at home lately as you know if you read my blog.

In that time I have watched:

  • Almost every episode of Friends (lost a few discs to other cases)
  • Downton Abbey (although Now TV said 9 seasons, season 9 was a xmas episode and I swear there is a series missing)
  • Greys Anatomy (finished on Season 11 this morning but the next seasons aren’t there, apparently there is more?)

What else is out there? 

Should really be concentrating on revision for my exam June 2nd and finishing my huge assignment due in at the end of the month (this determines whether I Fail the module) 

I just don’t have the energy 😦 

What is wrong with me 😦

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Infection Update

So after seeing the Out of Hours Doctor on the weekend then being told to see the GP today I decided to do just that.

Asked for Doctor but sent to see nurse, which was a nice nurse and met the Doctor briefly too due to me now having Ketones in my urine (Sorry if TMI) Doctor came to give me the once over.

Got told to rest and given a small talk about how even though my operation was keyhole I have still lost an organ, plus the amount of time I was ill before going into hospital my body will take longer to heal. No dog walking, no mopping, no carrying and rest the Doctor told me.

A few people have said to me “I/my relative/ my friend had their appendix out they were out in one day and back at work within 1/2 weeks”

Well Unfortunately that should have been the case, but as I have other health problems and I was ill for weeks before I can’t just recover like most people! Plus I have had abdominal surgery before so scar tissue takes longer to heal.

Plus I can’t drive over 30 miles to work (not to mention back from work) when I have 2 infections in my body and open wounds, insurance says no!!

Dizziness is a huge concern atm, BP was 110 systolic, down from the 120+ it has been the last week and temp is settling in the 36.7 region with Paracetamol.

Nausea is back again but been told that is the infection, although I have mild nausea a lot of the time anyways so keeping an eye on this in case it worsens, same advice if I suddenly get worse then off to hospital I go.

Carry on with these!! Apparently they are strong and ‘should’ do the job
Carry on with meds and keep and eye come back in a week for review.

Stitch has come out of lower left wound, that was causing huge inflammation and since stitch came out it has calmed down.

Plus I also have a water infection!!

Not sure how when I’m drinking 4 litres or so a day and on antibiotics!

On another note my delivery text came today! But no delivery 😦 This item was out of stock in the warehouse when I got my last delivery but now it is on the way, fingers crossed tomorrow.

Fingers crossed the dizzyness settles and I can just get better.

Scrolling through ebay and treated nyself to a new Food Diary for my SW journey and a new infusing water bottle and mine has a crack in lid and hard to drink out of at work.

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Welcome to my body infection….s!!

Well I knew to trust my gut:

Monday : Results in but not reviewed.

Tuesday: Still Not Reviewed.

Wednesday: Still Not Reviewed.

Thursday: Not done yet, fed up and told them I feel terrible so told to ring at 17:00 after they requested nurse to look at them.

17:00 – On hold for about 10 minutes and nurse leaving in 5 minutes but they said they can get someone to review the results.

Doctor Rings me after 18:00 asking how I am and saying I need antibiotics, so after telling them I can’t get there then basically being told I have to, managed to get a lift and got there at about 7pm.

Even after the receptionist ringing me asking where I am and basically telling me I have kept them late and they aren’t happy ( I’ll remember that when they need me at work but I’m due to go home!!)

I tried ringing them to tell them I was going to be longer than they thought but they had diverted their phones through to Out of Hours – Because their phone would keep ringing otherwise!

When I was a medical receptionist if staff were there the phones were on, we weren’t scared of staying on for a bit!!

So turns out I not only have one infection,


But my BP is fine and temperature down to 36.7 (ish) so I’m not to worry unless my temp goes up ⬆️ or I start vomiting 😷. Heart rate well up in the 100’s which is high for me!!

So now on one lot of antibiotics , two were recommended but I cannot take Metronidazole as it makes me ill so only on Flucloxacillin and see how these go.

I’m sure this story will Continue!!

In the meantime, my contour kit has been shipped!! I’m really excited about this new product!! Plus I get the brush free with it this month!!

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PCOS Diet Battle

So as always my weight has been up and down, so I decided to do a detox week.

Meals included (not in order)

Homemade Kebab with Sweet Potato and Carrot Fries
Watermelon and Yoghurt
Homemade Cottage Pie with Peas
Chicken Pizza (No Bread) With Sweet Potato Fries and Scrambled Egg with some Cheese
Beef with Rice Noodles and Carrot

After this week (we were naughty and had two takeaways, smaller than usual portions!)

This week resulted in a LOSS OF 2.5KG!!

I am so happy with this but cannot gain anything now, I need to get to 94kg by my hospital  appointment in July (letter just came through) for project baby!!

After this week I joined Slimming World and I am getting use to their system and trialing some food this week before starting gradually week by week to incorporate SW completely into my life!!

Plus I found a voucher for £35 off!!

I’m also starting to get my courage up enough to brave Youtube again, so keep an eye out for me!!

Healthy Food Shop
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Update 😷

So last weekend and this week have revolved around one thing….PAIN!!

Wounds got very red and sore and left it until Monday because I can’t drive to out of hours, then tried GP monday and asked for a home visit….they only do them in really bad situations (which mine apparently isn’t!) so ended up with the district nurse coming to my house.

Apparently no infection….

Bottom stitch taken out as it was sticking out anyway!

Other two not infected apparently but dressing and Inadine applied to the belly button one to keep until Thursday.

So time to concentrate on my Detox this week….

Chicken Pizza (No Bread!) With Scrambled Egg and Sweet Potato.

Got to thursday, dressing had to be changed before as they were soiled (Nice!!) Wife was off work so she drove me to the Doctors where I saw the nurse (even though I asked for a Doctor, but she was lovely so it was fine!)

Keeping an eye on lower left wound but it’s ok at present. Belly on the other hand still oozing so re-dressed and swab taken, wait for results but nurse said she wouldn’t be surprised if something showed up! And then relevant anti-biotics can be prescribed!

Does that mean there is an infection brewing?

I feel like it, feeling run down and sick! Hot sweats, dizzyness and nausea is back!

Let’s see what happens….

This story is not over!



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Apparently “There is no Way it is your Appendix!”

So here is an update on my 6 week battle of pain, My first night in the decision unit I heard the Doctor saying “She has PCOS, just send her to GYNE and they can send her home.” And then the night of the 24th the surgical doctor that came to see me after me complaining I was suppose to have a surgical review the night before said “Your bloods are normal and ultrasound report isn’t back but your bloods are normal so there is no way it could be your appendix, you will be reviewed in the morning but can probably go home!”


Reviewed by the kind Surgeon at about 11am and told I will be having surgery that day. I signed consent for Exploratory Laparoscopy +/- Appendectomy. I was told ultrasound report still not back and bloods and repeat bloods normal. So will explore to find a cause but if appendix is normal it will be left in and if it appears abnormal then it will be removed.

16:20 – Porters came to collect me, but then ended up walking with the HCA (Around the corner) to the theatre area.

Had some very strong painkillers which made me feel very drowsy!!

Then I was put Under….

20:15 – First Time I remember seeing in Recovery.

20:42 – Back on Ward.

Asked overnight what happened and discovered my appendix had indeed been removed!!

My heart rate throughout the night continued to set the alarms off to the point where the BP cuff and SPO2 monitor stayed on me all night to monitor it.

Surgeon came and saw me next day to tell me appendix was removed and I could go home that day providing there was someone home and I eat and pee etc….

I stayed in that night due to pain control…. I was not in this much pain after my surgery 6 years ago (Keyhole removing Ovarian Cysts, was up and out within 2 hours of recovery!)

Was also very concerned that my pee resembled orange lucozade!!

One thing I learnt, after saying I will never have Morphine, I caved and tried Oramorph, it is the most vile thing I have ever tasted!!

I also woke up with a new line in my right hand and a gauze on my left hand from a failed attempt maybe, still not sure why the need for more lines….

Failed IV (Thanks PCOS for hairy arms!)

So had an extra night in and then went home the day after!!

Not allowed to drive for at least 2 weeks, providing insurance are happy and I can do an Emergency Stop.

No work for 3 weeks (with no complicaions) as it is a sit down job (most of the time) I shouldn’t need anymore time off!!

Looking Rough
Now to see how recovery goes….