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New Meds….

So I have been given Citalopram to try.

I was going to take it in the morning yesterday but was so busy at work I forgot so I decided to start taking it at night.

Day 01.

Took my first tablet last night. I was very tired and managed to get a good, undisturbed night sleep until the morning when my alarms woke me.

One thing I did notice when I woke up was I was a bit shaky and had ‘dead hands’ but this could be because I slept funny or because I cycled to and from work yesterday and my body isn;t use to exercise so it aching! But will update with this as I take more tablets.

Felt myself very restless and shaky today so far but will keep an eye on that.


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She’s Back!!

So I am back!!

So here is what has been happening….

  • Illness,
  • Appendix Removal,
  • Illness,
  • Infections following appendix removal,
  • Back to Work after 12 weeks off….


And here I am!

Going back to work was a huge struggle for me, and I started getting really anxious and having panic attacks. I spoke to my training mentor at work who was a huge help and finally plucked up the courage and tried to get a GP appointment! Refused to see me but chatted on the phone. GP told me to speak to Occupational Health at work who deemed me fit to work and told me to see my GP.

Rang GP again, refused to see me again, spoke on the phone. Dr said meds is not a good idea and that is a “1970’s approach” and “no longer used”. Which working in Healthcare obv I know that isn’t true, however he did say he would refer me to the Primary Mental Health Service.

The Nurse from the Mental Health Service rang and has been the most helpful person I have spoke to and sent a letter to my GP as he thought I could benefit from Meds.

LUCKILY!! We have moved (again) and I have changed Doctor Surgeries. So my Nurse told me he sent the letter to the new Dr Surgery and to make an appointment in about a week.

I have seen my new Doctor and I have been prescribed a new medication for anxiety.

I also have some meds which may help my dry skin, which he confirmed is Psoriasis (previous Doctors said it wasn’t).

I will be posting regarding my medications when I can so keep an eye out for that!!