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The Health Diary Continues….

I am off work at present, mainly due to my anxiety but I am also having other problems at the same time.

Main synptoms are; 

  • Extreme fatigue,
  • Extreme Thirst (nothing will quench my thirst),
  • Hunger,
  • Running back and fourth to the toilet to pee.
  • Blood Sugars that are all over the place. 

I have been on Metformin for my PCOS since 2012 (I think!) but my new GP surgery stopped prescribing them as it “isn’t something they prescribe in primary care” – even though I know they prescribe it to others!! 

Since coming off Metformin my symptoms have worsened to the point it is massively affecting my daily life πŸ™

I struggle to work a 12 hour shift, and when I am in work I am running back and fourth to the toilet and consume on average 1 litre of fizzy flavoured water, 500ml of diet cola (on nights) and between 3-6 of water/squash litres on average in a 12 hour shift. 

My thirst is not relieved by anything πŸ™.

I saw the GP in December and bloods where ordered , everything including the Hba1c was ‘normal’ – I was on metformin at this point .

Saw the GP again on 21/03/2017 and mentioned these worsening symptoms, as Hb1ac was ‘normal’ – diabetes was ruled out (but not completely) and Dr mentioned Diabetes Insipidus – Endocrinology Referral Completed   – But this could take months!! 

I went back to the GP on 29/03/2017 as these symptoms are getting worse and last night my blood sugar spent most of the night in the 9-10 mmol and it has NEVER been like that.

I felt awful!!

I had more bloods done, to check kidney function and another Hba1c. Phlebotomy said my surgery should have it Friday Afternoon. So I will ring them Friday because I know when my body isn’t right, I know something is wrong.

Maybe I am being paranoid – but working in Healthcare I know how quickly things can escalate.

Plus the issue I had last year (taking weeks to diagnose my appendicitis, I think I have a right to be worried).

The Story Continues. 

I haven’t discussed this with anyone as I feel nobody cares. I don’t have many family members to speak to, I don’t hear from my siblings anymore ( very rarely) but I do miss them, I am here for them when they are ready.

I havd veen re referred to the CMHT for my anxiety as they discharged me from the service ( not sure why, maybe because I moved and they couldn’t get hold of me!)

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My Hair πŸ‘©πŸ‘§πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈπŸ’‡

So my hair; it has changed a lot since last year!!

I was taking my citalopram, missed two doses by accident but other than that I was adapting well. But it wasn’t helping much.

At the next Dr Appointment my dose was upped from 20mg daily to 30mg.


I was in the shower washing my hair (was a week overdue) and I thought wow that is a lot of hair in the drain, I actually had to unblock the plug twice during the shower, which I never have to do. Putting it down to my hair wash being overdue.

It wasn’t until I brushed my hair that I realised more hair was coming out and it wasn’t until I dried it that I realised what had happened, my hair had broken and now rather than it being straight and below my bra, it was now jagged ranging from my shoulder to a couple inches below my shoulder. And my front had broke off so bad it looked like an outgrown fringe.
I went for my check up at the Drs two weeks later, hair scrapped back still in a state and told the Dr, the reply I got when I asked about changing meds was “Well what is more important to you; Your anxiety or your hair?” I went home gave it a week and said screw it – I haven’t taken my meds since, And my GP hasn’t mentioned my meds since, and I have been back a few times.

Luckily I have a Lovely Friend – Who is also a talented hair dresser, and my hair has been fixed, it meant cutting it all short again, which was sad but it had to be done . It is growing slowly 🌈🌈

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Been away for a while….here is a quick update πŸΆπŸΆ

I have reminded myself this week that even though my writing is not great, my grammar could be improved and not many people view this blog; it helps me, I also like to think that even if only one person reads my blog and gains some hope, happiness or a feeling that someone else feels the same way as them then I will feel that I have done something positive.

A lot has been going on since my last set of posts – The last update included my (long drawn out) appendicitis, my post op complications , anxiety and the battle with my weight.


  • We Moved House (Again),
  • I got sick (Again),
  • My weight went up (Again),
  • I finished my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and Diamond Challenge Award,
  • Turning 26,
  • I joined the gym!!,
  • I got sick (yet again),
  • A bunch of my hair broke and fell out,
  • I came off my anxiety meds,
  • I started my sleeve tattoo,
  • Instagraming,
  • University,
  • My new venture……..

I Will be posting massively over the next day or two in order to catch up with everything!!

Things are changing, Time to make a change and do what is right for me….

Got to love a Big Bang Theory Quote #sheldoncooper