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08-Nov-2015 – My Reason Why

Blog Post taken from my other blog that is being closed.

I have already had a few friends ask me why. Why Younique and not (blank) company?
My answer is this….

Nothing ever really has seemed to have gone right in life, the way I want (with exception to my marriage). Over the last few months there has been many changes.

I had recently gone back to work after an injury, and had a really challenging day (emotionally) I spoke to my boss, as should happen when one returns from a break and felt like I had a mini breakdown, tears and all.
I got home and decided I need to sort myself out, this is not me and something needs to change for the better. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my work and my job but I need to do something that makes me feel truly content with myself. Like I can make a difference.
Then I checked my Ladbrokes account, remembering I had won a bet on the rugby, so I transferred it and waited for 3 very long days.
Then this hapenned….

The start of something new.
Other reasons for joining Younique is that this company delivers a simple but amazing message:
To uplift, empower, validate and build self esteem in women around the world.
I want to not only feel confident and beautuful myself but help others feel that way. I never want anyone feeling unworthy, ugly or worthless.
People dont deserve that.



All Views are my own.

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