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14-November-2015 – Using mascara after a VERY long time.

Ok so here’s me (no makeup so be prepared)
This is prior to me signing up with Younique. Feeling unmotivated, unimportant and just very unattractive.

Now a few weeks before this I had asked my sponsor about Younique and was desperate to join, but couldn’t justify the expense at the time.

Scroll through Facebook….
My friend is selling, (this is her image, not mine)

Eeek I snapped it up and she even posted it to me for free.
Then it got put aside as I was off work and wasn’t really going out.
When I returned to work I decided to start wearing makeup again, and learn along the way how I go by wearing it again as it had been a while.
I started with my eyes, my favourite feature and it started with Younique.
This was the result the very first time. With ONE COAT of mascara.

And I have used it everyday (and nightshift) since.
I swear by this product, I am awaiting my presenters kit so when that arrives I can try out the new mascara brush as that has improved.
I am SO EXCITED for my presenters kit. This is the image my sponsor posted on her page and I fell in love!!

Once my kit has arrived I will be doing a post dedicated to it, including video (I Hope) and pictures and information about what it contains.
If you have any comments or questions then please ask! I will do my best to answer and if I cannnot answer you then I will ask my sponsor.
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Stacie-Mai’s Younique Group – UPDATE MAY 2017 – Now “Be Younique With Stacie-Mai”
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