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12-April-2016 – Back from a break with NEW PRODUCTS!!

Hello everyone!! I have been gone for a bit but I am back!!

Hello Parcel man!! ( I love deliveries)

Within this delivery are two NEW PRODUCTS!!

I am so excited to try them

First New product : The Liquid Foundation brush

Cannot wait to trial this brush : will make doing foundation so much quicker. I will be doing a video at some point using this brush with the foundation.

NEW PRODUCT 2 : Lip Bon Bons

I was a little scared to purchase this (at Ā£18!!) HOWEVER I WAS IMPRESSED BY THE BOX. And my happiness grew from there!!

This product is larger than most lip balms I see in the shops, and for the brand name, what they support and money going towards helping women in need I was happy to pay that for this item. Pictures and review to come in a further post.

My other purchases are the ‘Photoshop in a bottle’ Foundation ordered in for samples and my concealer back ordered from my Birthday gift!!

If you would like more information you can email me

Find me on Facebook, please visit my contact page for further ways of contact.



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