Aril 26th, 2018 – Daily Prompt=Cur….

I definitely had to google what this word meant. Cur = Apparently it means a 'mongrel' or 'mixed breed dog' but can also refer to an unfriendly dog. I love dogs. Some of them do scare me a bit and they can do bad things, but so can humans. I always remember being around dogs, growing … Continue reading Aril 26th, 2018 – Daily Prompt=Cur….



I said to myself I would try to write for at least a week using the WordPress daily prompts. Yesterday I forgot. April 25th, 2018 not only marked 2 years since my surgery (see April 25th 2018 – 2 Years Post Appendicectomy ), it also marked 15 years since my biological father died. Due to my complex … Continue reading Yesterday….

April 25th 2018 – 2 Years Post Appendicectomy

I was 2 months into my new job and it was my first time taking an official call at my job. I don't really remember the first call very well. What I do remember is feeling a heaviness in my chest, I felt ill and not right. I thought I was just scared and pushed … Continue reading April 25th 2018 – 2 Years Post Appendicectomy

We have been bestowed with a prince!!

Today flags are flying to celebrate a new prince. Congratulations to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William; The Duke of Cambridge - And of course to Prince George and Princess Charlotte!! It is also exciting that Princess Charlotte, whose position in line to the throne will not change with the birth of her little brother; … Continue reading We have been bestowed with a prince!!

A vague reality. TW

TW - Trigger Warning: this article could be harmful to you or your recovery . If you feel like you need help then please call 111 or 999 in an emergency. There are also other services that can support you. Please don't suffer in silence. Look at me, what do you see?? Look at my … Continue reading A vague reality. TW

One goal-An event I really wish to partake in….

April 22nd 2018 - Marathon Day And No I am not one of the brave people taking part today. However, it is a goal of mine to run in the London Marathon. Each year I stare at the TV, listen to radio or follow social media and say to myself "Yes I will do this, … Continue reading One goal-An event I really wish to partake in….

One of the worst questions you can ask me….

Well there are several ways to word this question but the basic question that is really one of the worst you can ask me is; "What has caused your anxiety/depression?" At this point my head is saying While there are several incidents, issues, triggers and events that have led to my current situation, the simple … Continue reading One of the worst questions you can ask me….

Travelling and a broken mallet

Last year we took a road trip, camping around North Wales. We saw a lot of Snowdonia National Park and saw some beautiful views. Today's Word Prompt is 'Malett' so I thought I could share a funny story. You may notice my spelling is "Mallet" - I am using British English Spelling. We had moved to … Continue reading Travelling and a broken mallet

Casualty – Crying over Glen

Series 32 : Episode 30 - If you have not seen this episode then click back now: SPOILER ALERT (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!) Just when you think that Robyn will have a happy ending.... BOOM!! The plot thickens. What got to me in this episode was the circumstances surrounding how Glen passed away, it reminded me of losing … Continue reading Casualty – Crying over Glen

Self Care Developments of the week

I have been forcing myself into certain situations this week. Scary times but this week my accomplishments include; Going to the Doctors, Meeting up with my Sister who I haven't seen in about a year, Going to the Dentist for the first time in 5-8 years, Gone to the shop during the day, Rang for some … Continue reading Self Care Developments of the week

I did a whoopsie

Having been in an ill, nocturnal state for the past week or so I decided to request my prescription online from the GP- PRESCRIPTION APPROVED!! But me being me at the moment, I thought it was Friday on Thursday so didn't collect the prescription from the Doctors as thought they would be closed. Then the … Continue reading I did a whoopsie