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I am only 27….

I am only 27 years old (or young!) and I have lived through Emotional Abuse and Bullying Physical Abuse and Bullying Self Harm Anorexia Bulimia Binge Eating Disorders Suicidal Thoughts Loss of a Parent Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Anxiety Depression And you know what? I am still here!! Mental Illness is a difficult, harsh and life changing problem. But You can

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Healthwise Wales

Healthwise Wales is working to improve the health and wellbeing services for the Welsh population. They ask that we help them by answering questions about health topics and our own information to help them with their work. Whether you have health conditions or are fit and healthy, you can still help them with their work, no matter your age or

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Where have I been??

There’s me thinking the above GIF would work but obviously not!! Anyways I have been MIA for a few weeks and boy have things changed!! I am not keen on change but things are looking up!! Works going well, Life is going well, one main issue at the moment is Family, I don’t see them very often and it is

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I got put in Instajail :(

Serves me right for not getting up off my but!! Yesterday I found myself going through loads of Instagram posts from friends and satisfying videos of sand being cut and Lush items being cut etc…. Then I got put in Instajail – Ooops Lesson learnt – don’t lie in bed feeling ill all day liking posts on Instagram. My ban

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