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2 Weeks!! That is all it took….

I know what you are thinking, corny Dear John quote, but nope another sucky health post. I lasted a whole two weeks at work before someone gave me their unsanitary germs. As I am lying here typing this  I have no sense of smell (although my nose has stopped running so that is a good thing), sore nostrils, sore throat, lungs that

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New Meds….

So I have been given Citalopram to try. I was going to take it in the morning yesterday but was so busy at work I forgot so I decided to start taking it at night. Day 01. Took my first tablet last night. I was very tired and managed to get a good, undisturbed night sleep until the morning when

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She’s Back!!

So I am back!! So here is what has been happening…. Illness, Appendix Removal, Illness, Infections following appendix removal, Back to Work after 12 weeks off….   And here I am! Going back to work was a huge struggle for me, and I started getting really anxious and having panic attacks. I spoke to my training mentor at work who

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Infection Update

So after seeing the Out of Hours Doctor on the weekend then being told to see the GP today I decided to do just that. Asked for Doctor but sent to see nurse, which was a nice nurse and met the Doctor briefly too due to me now having Ketones in my urine (Sorry if TMI) Doctor came to give

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Update 😷

So last weekend and this week have revolved around one thing….PAIN!! Wounds got very red and sore and left it until Monday because I can’t drive to out of hours, then tried GP monday and asked for a home visit….they only do them in really bad situations (which mine apparently isn’t!) so ended up with the district nurse coming to

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