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Some things learnt when I temporarily lost hearing in one ear;

As you may or may not know I went back to work after about 7 months off; I lasted 2 weeks and came down with a horrendous viral infection that of course went straight to my chest….then my throat, nose and then boom……….

black square

Suddenly I had no hearing in my right ear. I thought it was due to the infection and thought it was running its course, I left it about 5/6 days before I went to see my GP (I needed a note for work anyway) and I have an ear infection. I don’t really remember having them as a child and as an adult I had a few painful incidents behind my ear but nothing like this. Even though my other ear still has hearing it has always been a bit muffled (although hearing tests have always been ok) so now I find I cannot use my mobile unless it is on loudspeaker, the house phone is a definite no and volumes on everything are higher than they usually are – plus the subtitles are being used most of the time.

I know it is only temporary (I think!!) but I have learnt some things about hearing loss.

Cherish what senses you have because when you lose one of them (even if temporary) it has a major impact that most people will not understand. I have missed ‘I love you’s’, the dogs asking to go out for a pee, phone calls and a lot of words being spoken.

I have learnt that when people say they have an ear infection, they can really be struggling, I understand the medical aspects of ear infections but realistically had no idea the impact it has on your body when your hearing deteriorates.

Also, ear pain really hurts!! Not only does the inside of my ear hurt, but the outside. My neck is sore and my head throbs and the bone behind my ear is all big and painful. I am hoping to be back in work on Monday (touch wood) I just hope my hearing returns as I am usually struggling to understand and hear people anyway, having hearing in only one ear is making life difficult. My fingers are crossed for my antibiotics to kick in and help

I do not live with hearing loss every day of my life and I really admire those of you that live a life of limited or no hearing. I think this was my wake up call to really sit down and learn Sign Language, I have been saying since primary school I want to learn but never have.

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2 Weeks!! That is all it took….

dear john and channing tatum image

I know what you are thinking, corny Dear John quote, but nope another sucky health post.

I lasted a whole two weeks at work before someone gave me their unsanitary germs. As I am lying here typing this  I have no sense of smell (although my nose has stopped running so that is a good thing), sore nostrils, sore throat, lungs that feel heavy and are producing a lot of, well crap!! Sweaty, hot and cold at the same time and to top it all off, I am deaf in one ear and suffering with ear pain and a stiff neck, along with numbness in the (deaf) side of my face and a headache of all headaches – looking at the screen is even painful.

Whoever passed me these germs, I WILL FIND YOU AND….

kill you friends GIF

But not literally of course ( I am far too nice for that). In all seriousness I feel like death warmed up, who gets ill in a heatwave – that would be me!!

If anyone has any suggestions on how to get better soon and how to bring my hearing back I would appreciate it.

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Update on my Running

Hi everyone!!

I have been quiet over the last few days and I do have a reason why.

I am so upset and sad with myself. I feel like I have let myself and several other people down. As you may be aware I was due to be in Manchester today, running my 10k for Mind. On a run a few days ago I felt so unwell and turned the workout into a short walk as I could not physically run (I could barely walk!!) By that afternoon I had seen the Doctor and had been sent straight to the hospital to see the surgical team.

I felt so unwell, but luckily I did not need to stay in hospital (plus they had no beds!!) and I went home in the early hours after waiting there for several hours. I am still not 100% now and am waiting for an emergency scan which will hopefully take place tomorrow. Due to the pain, fever and dizziness along with tachycardia (fast heart rate), it was not a good idea to run a 10k race, as well as travel the distance to take part. So I had to make the decision to not take part on this occasion.

I will still run a 10k to raise awareness for Mind, I am currently waiting to hear if I can take part later in the year at a different event or whether I will be deferred to next year. I am due to run both the 5k and 10k Race for Life runs in the next few months as well as other runs.

“I am not defeated, I am inspired!!”

I had to take some time away as I felt like such a failure, but like everyone else, sometimes we need to be reminded that failing to do something does not necessarily make us a failure – we learn from these events and it allows us to heal and build upon life experience.

So I need to take my own advice and not take the negatives from this experience but turn them into positives.


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Mental Health Awareness Letters – 4th May 2018

As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, I had an idea to write a letter each day to a person, or group of people that have had an impact on my own personal health. The first portion of the month has been delayed, however I hope that I will catch up and there will be a daily post. Thank You for taking the time to read these and I appreciate any comments or support you can provide on each post.

Please remember that if you are struggling with your health, both physical or mental, there may be some triggers in these letters-please seek support if you find these letters trigger any distress. Look after yourself!!

Letter 4 – To the Doctor who looked at me and said to your colleague “She has Polycystic Ovaries and Abdo Pain- just send her to gynae and they can discharge her”.

Physical health and Mental Health go hand in hand. Several years ago during my first ‘appendix scare’, I ended up in a bed in University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff and the consultant surgeon came to see me (along with at least 10 Junior Doctors!!) for an assessment. Now by this point, I was already very hungry and thirsty, alone and in pain. But when the surgeon came and told me to lift my shirt up and before saying anything useful she proceeded to point and say what are these marks you have done to yourself? and of course I had no idea what she was talking about, looked down and was like “what these, they are stretch marks!!” and she looked back at them, actually lifted her eyebrow and rolled her eyes, used the hand sanitiser and bend down to stare at them again before touching me for an abdominal exam.

I must have been no older than 21 but had already battled anorexia and at the time really hated my body. This Doctor made me feel fat, ugly and worthless- yes I was curvy but by no means overweight, my stretch marks came from my weight loss rather than gain and I hated myself. You did not help!!

If you are in the healthcare field and you are reading this, please be a bit more mindful of your body language and comments. Patients are not stupid!! We all go through tough times and the marks on our body usually tell a different story rather than a persons first judgement and opinion.

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Mental Health Awareness Letters – 3rd May 2018

As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, I had an idea to write a letter each day to a person, or group of people that have had an impact on my own personal health. The first portion of the month has been delayed, however I hope that I will catch up and there will be a daily post. Thank You for taking the time to read these and I appreciate any comments or support you can provide on each post.

Please remember that if you are struggling with your health, both physical or mental, there may be some triggers in these letters-please seek support if you find these letters trigger any distress. Look after yourself!!

Letter 3 – To the people who thought I was ‘Pulling a fast one’ being off work for months because of my appendix.

You may already know that in 2016 my physical health took a turn downhill. Long story short I could have died and felt at my weakest.

Now I heard a lot of gossip (also witnessed it once, unknowingly to them!) and people thought I was pulling a ‘fast one’ to get paid time off.

Luckily where I lived at the time had a downstairs toilet because I literally had to drag myself up and down the stairs if I needed something, I even wet myself once trying to get downstairs to the toilet. I had the district nurse visit me to tend to my infections in my surgical sites (quite common with keyhole surgeries apparently) I cried most days and felt ugly, fat, bloated, worthless and mentally drained.

But people thought I was pulling a fast one because their relative was in and out of hospital and back to work quickly with their appendix. I was back to work 2 weeks after my first keyhole surgery (big mistake and pushed myself too far) but having had a good few weeks of fatigue, infection and illness even before having the appendix removed, the surgeon advised it would not be a quick recovery-my body was physically and mentally drained. When I managed to walk a few doors up to the doctor’s surgery a few weeks after surgery, almost passing out in the front entrance the nurse had to get the doctor to come and “tell me off” for doing too much because I vacuumed once when I spilled a pot of glitter on the carpet.

So to those ‘people’ who thought I was taking advantage of my employer by taking sick pay and sitting at home “doing nothing and making money” – I didn’t see you sending flowers, cards or even popping in to say hi. Your comments really hurt me and coming back to work to face you every day was so difficult, I almost didn’t come back. Then again that wouldn’t have bothered you because you don’t like me anyway.

Think before you make remarks!!

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April 25th 2018 – 2 Years Post Appendicectomy

I was 2 months into my new job and it was my first time taking an official call at my job. I don’t really remember the first call very well. What I do remember is feeling a heaviness in my chest, I felt ill and not right. I thought I was just scared and pushed through another call. Before admitting I didn’t feel well. My mentor and colleagues said to me that if I felt unwell not to worry and go home. I decided it would be a good idea to go home. This was in early March-if I knew what was to come over the next few months I would have driven myself to A&E straight after work.

If you go back 2 years in my posts you will see the struggles I went through (written in a held back, milder manner!!) Posts such as 6 weeks of health and Apparently “There is no Way it is your Appendix!”.

My life has changed in the past 2 years. I changed jobs, bought a house, moved house in that time. I have battled with my physical and mental health. Been treated badly and cut out certain people-that was a tough decision to take but I have realised that I need to consider my own wellbeing and toxic people are not part of my life anymore.

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One goal-An event I really wish to partake in….

April 22nd 2018 – Marathon Day

And No I am not one of the brave people taking part today. However, it is a goal of mine to run in the London Marathon.

Each year I stare at the TV, listen to radio or follow social media and say to myself “Yes I will do this, maybe next year, or the year after to be sensible”. Let’s just say it never happens.

This year I am signed up to do a 10k, 5k and monthly goal of 25 miles (walking or running each month). I want to be a more regular runner and fitter before even considering a full marathon. The plan is to do 5k and 10k runs until I feel comfortable enough to do a half marathon. Once I have done that I will consider longer events.

Although cue the impulsive me-one day I may just do it and sign up (Telling myself don’t you dare!)

Are any of my followers a runner and do you have any tips.

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To any Healthcare Workers out there….

This article was submitted to my ‘Mighty’ page but has been saved for future release rather than being published straight away.

Roll back to early March 2016: I had just completed training for a new job within the emergency services and it was my first day “set free” to take calls and be “in training.” I felt strange, was having chest pain and really didn’t feel well. Within the first couple of hours into the shift I went home unwell. The 30-mile journey home was the longest ever and I was straight on the phone to NHS direct for advice.

Fast forward to late April, a very long six weeks later. I was still off work and had been to so many nurses, GPs, out of hours and telephone triage appointments I had lost count. That day I spoke to my surgery to request an appointment with a doctor and was told I couldn’t see one but they had a paramedic in the surgery I could see. By this point I had lost the will to live and just wanted the pain to stop.

I will never forget the kindness I received from that paramedic. I was told to go to the hospital and a letter was written and faxed to the emergency department for me to go to see the surgeons.

I have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and while this condition is being talked about more, there is still a stigma with the condition. I had abdominal pain that had lasted about six weeks and had been referred to the surgical team, not the gynaecology team.

One of the worst comments I have ever overheard from a person was: “She has polycystic ovaries, just send her to gynae and they can discharge her.”

While this comment may only be minor, I also saw these people shaking their heads and asking about beds for other patients. Might I add, this person was a doctor.

Three days later, I had surgery and my appendix was removed and then two days later I went home. I continued to use the services of my GP, district nurse and NHS Direct as I had an infection in one wound that turned out to be two different infections as well as several water infections.

I will never be the same person again, but I am very thankful to that paramedic who believed me and listened to me and the surgeon who listened to me and didn’t presume it was just my polycystic ovaries – because it wasn’t!!

To any healthcare workers or those who wish to become a healthcare professional: If a patient comes to you with a problem, please do not presume it is “just” their pre-existing condition. Yes, take it into account, but don’t use it as the first excuse to discharge your patient.

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04-January-2016 – My Brow Story and the Long Road Ahead

So for many years I have hated my brows, I have tried doing them myself or getting them waxed at salons, only once have I ever had them in a shape I was truly happy with.

I have been avoiding any plucking or waxing and been growing them since October (my Last Wax) and first haircut in a long time.

Since October they have become little bushes that have started to thicken slowly and build slightly uneven shapes – another reason why I really Hate my Brows at present!!


 So one of my first tasks of 2016 is to sort out these brows and get ready to use my brow gel and liner – eagerly sat in my makeup bag awaiting me!!

I will update you on my brow story.
In the meantime if you fancy heading over to my page you can bag yourself your own brow gel and liner set, buy them separately or save and get the pair as a set, available in Light, Medium or Dark!!

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3am….we have got to stop meeting this way

So 2 weeks in to my new meds and my sleep is all over the place again.

Although shift work doesn’t really allow me to get into a good sleep pattern.

Sat here rewatching Greys Anatomy from the start again (thanks Sky Box Sets!) just thinking, thinking about pain, myself, things to come and things that have happened.Trying not to dwell on the past – but that’s proven more difficult than planned.

I need tips!! Sleep tips!! Hopefully soon my routine will get better but in he meantime I need to prepare myself! Bath products I can try? Although I do have a lot here to try and test.

What do you all do to help you get relaxed and sleepy?

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Trying to get healthy….

So I have been off work for about a month, in that time I have had few good days and several bad days, creeping into a depressive state; not experienced before.

Good days have included a house viewing and a mortgage application (successful but still attempting to find the perfect home – we saw one home but it had a mould issue and may have been too much work 😭)  The disapointment of knowing we wouldn’t be getting this in need of work dream home led to insomnia 🌞🌙🌞🌙🌞

Bad days have included, sleep, neglecting myself in forms of not brushing hair or eating, and just sleeping. I have deferred another University Module, but I have made positive changes and next “years” Uni (october 2017) I have chosen two modules that will replace the credits at level 2 I should be finishing now, but now these new ones will focus on Mental Health and get me where I want to be. 

I have made some positive steps in the last week, finally had my second referall telephone call from the primary mental health team….Why do they always ask ‘so tell me whats been going on’ Yh hello you have a referral letter telling you that and it is difficult to say it out loud. 😳😳 I don’t think they were expecting me to have so many issues and history of so many problems 😒

Went back to the GP and I am now on a new medication to try, After my hair problem from previous meds I had decided no more meds but the Primary Mental Health Care team made me realise that this is a part of me and if there is something that can reduce anxiety and panic then I should try it.

  • I want to smile,
  • I want to be happy,
  • I want to not worry,
  • I want to speak out and do talks and help speak out for those that need encouragement,
  • I want to inspire,
  • I want to have more confidence 
  • I just want to be happy……..

I have also been sent a self help book from the Team for anxiety – so I will blog on that once I have read it!

🤔 I do have some exciting news too, BUT for now it has to be kept under wraps as it only fuels gossip and I find people talk about me enough as it is; without fuelling their fire 🔥🔥 🤔


We are heading on Holidays soon, camping and driving each day, it is about time we travel the Country we live in – North Wales here we come!!

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The First Time My Illness Brought Me to Tears.

I was 15 when I first realised my symptoms. I just put it down to the recent Eating Disorder Behaviour. Where I dropped from about 11 stone to just under 6 stone. Nobody noticed except my close friend noticed and I put weight back on to be 9 stone prior to having some teeth out; as I knew they would weigh me for the general anaesthetic. My periods were all over the place, mainly absent, and I was getting abdominal discomfort. I snuck to the Doctors one afternoon and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) was mentioned, the Doctor ordered blood tests and they were done that week. In 2010 I had surgery to remove 2 cysts from the ovary but still had no true diagnosis of PCOS.The last few years has been scans, blood tests, exams and consultant visits. Now I’m 25, having been on Metformin for 4 years and now have an official diagnosis of PCOS. I believed I handled the condition pretty well, it affects quite a lot of women and it isn’t really talked much about. I have longed for my own family since I was 14, but wanted to finish my education first and get a job and do it when is sensible for me to do so. At 17, in my first relationship the discussion of children came up during that 3-year relationship, but it was clear the time was not right for my partner at the time, however for most of that time I stopped taking my contraceptive pill as it was making my symptoms worse, especially the weight gain.

I suffered a miscarriage during this time but never managed to conceive again.

That relationship ended and I was approached by a friend who agreed to help me conceive a child. Still no Luck. I met my wife in 2012, we married in 2014.

By 2012 I was seeing the consultant at the hospital and awaiting to go through fertility treatment to have children, even if I would have been on my own. This is my goal in life. The first time PCOS brought me to tears was when I went to see my consultant having lost over 50 inches off my whole body but my weight didn’t reflect that loss. My Consultant was unable to send me to the next stage of treatment, the IUI/IVF because my BMI was 34.4, the goal was under 35, but yet 34.4 was not enough it had to be 34. This is the first time my PCOS actually made me cry.

I coped with the surgery, the miscarriage and the daily challenges the condition brings me. But this one incident with the Doctor, where I am being denied my only chance of being a mother because I cannot get my weight down enough.

It isn’t like I’m not trying, I am. I have my bad days like everyone when it comes to Food but I thought I was doing really well following my Diet Plan. But I find my PCOS symptoms messes with my blood sugar and makes it even more difficult to lose weight.

I was told to come back in 6 months and if my weight wasn’t down I would be discharged from the department until my weight was down.

It hurts because If I could afford to go private I would and if I could get pregnant without the help of Doctors and treatment then I would.

But I cannot.

The one thing a woman’s body should do – Mine is unable to do.

And that hurts.

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The Health Diary Continues….

I am off work at present, mainly due to my anxiety but I am also having other problems at the same time.

Main synptoms are; 

  • Extreme fatigue,
  • Extreme Thirst (nothing will quench my thirst),
  • Hunger,
  • Running back and fourth to the toilet to pee.
  • Blood Sugars that are all over the place. 

I have been on Metformin for my PCOS since 2012 (I think!) but my new GP surgery stopped prescribing them as it “isn’t something they prescribe in primary care” – even though I know they prescribe it to others!! 

Since coming off Metformin my symptoms have worsened to the point it is massively affecting my daily life 🙁

I struggle to work a 12 hour shift, and when I am in work I am running back and fourth to the toilet and consume on average 1 litre of fizzy flavoured water, 500ml of diet cola (on nights) and between 3-6 of water/squash litres on average in a 12 hour shift. 

My thirst is not relieved by anything 🙁.

I saw the GP in December and bloods where ordered , everything including the Hba1c was ‘normal’ – I was on metformin at this point .

Saw the GP again on 21/03/2017 and mentioned these worsening symptoms, as Hb1ac was ‘normal’ – diabetes was ruled out (but not completely) and Dr mentioned Diabetes Insipidus – Endocrinology Referral Completed   – But this could take months!! 

I went back to the GP on 29/03/2017 as these symptoms are getting worse and last night my blood sugar spent most of the night in the 9-10 mmol and it has NEVER been like that.

I felt awful!!

I had more bloods done, to check kidney function and another Hba1c. Phlebotomy said my surgery should have it Friday Afternoon. So I will ring them Friday because I know when my body isn’t right, I know something is wrong.

Maybe I am being paranoid – but working in Healthcare I know how quickly things can escalate.

Plus the issue I had last year (taking weeks to diagnose my appendicitis, I think I have a right to be worried).

The Story Continues. 

I haven’t discussed this with anyone as I feel nobody cares. I don’t have many family members to speak to, I don’t hear from my siblings anymore ( very rarely) but I do miss them, I am here for them when they are ready.

I havd veen re referred to the CMHT for my anxiety as they discharged me from the service ( not sure why, maybe because I moved and they couldn’t get hold of me!)

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My Hair 👩👧👱‍♀️💇

So my hair; it has changed a lot since last year!!

I was taking my citalopram, missed two doses by accident but other than that I was adapting well. But it wasn’t helping much.

At the next Dr Appointment my dose was upped from 20mg daily to 30mg.


I was in the shower washing my hair (was a week overdue) and I thought wow that is a lot of hair in the drain, I actually had to unblock the plug twice during the shower, which I never have to do. Putting it down to my hair wash being overdue.

It wasn’t until I brushed my hair that I realised more hair was coming out and it wasn’t until I dried it that I realised what had happened, my hair had broken and now rather than it being straight and below my bra, it was now jagged ranging from my shoulder to a couple inches below my shoulder. And my front had broke off so bad it looked like an outgrown fringe.
I went for my check up at the Drs two weeks later, hair scrapped back still in a state and told the Dr, the reply I got when I asked about changing meds was “Well what is more important to you; Your anxiety or your hair?” I went home gave it a week and said screw it – I haven’t taken my meds since, And my GP hasn’t mentioned my meds since, and I have been back a few times.

Luckily I have a Lovely Friend – Who is also a talented hair dresser, and my hair has been fixed, it meant cutting it all short again, which was sad but it had to be done . It is growing slowly 🌈🌈

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Been away for a while….here is a quick update 🐶🐶

I have reminded myself this week that even though my writing is not great, my grammar could be improved and not many people view this blog; it helps me, I also like to think that even if only one person reads my blog and gains some hope, happiness or a feeling that someone else feels the same way as them then I will feel that I have done something positive.

A lot has been going on since my last set of posts – The last update included my (long drawn out) appendicitis, my post op complications , anxiety and the battle with my weight.


  • We Moved House (Again),
  • I got sick (Again),
  • My weight went up (Again),
  • I finished my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and Diamond Challenge Award,
  • Turning 26,
  • I joined the gym!!,
  • I got sick (yet again),
  • A bunch of my hair broke and fell out,
  • I came off my anxiety meds,
  • I started my sleeve tattoo,
  • Instagraming,
  • University,
  • My new venture……..

I Will be posting massively over the next day or two in order to catch up with everything!!

Things are changing, Time to make a change and do what is right for me….

Got to love a Big Bang Theory Quote #sheldoncooper

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New Meds….

So I have been given Citalopram to try.

I was going to take it in the morning yesterday but was so busy at work I forgot so I decided to start taking it at night.

Day 01.

Took my first tablet last night. I was very tired and managed to get a good, undisturbed night sleep until the morning when my alarms woke me.

One thing I did notice when I woke up was I was a bit shaky and had ‘dead hands’ but this could be because I slept funny or because I cycled to and from work yesterday and my body isn;t use to exercise so it aching! But will update with this as I take more tablets.

Felt myself very restless and shaky today so far but will keep an eye on that.


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She’s Back!!

So I am back!!

So here is what has been happening….

  • Illness,
  • Appendix Removal,
  • Illness,
  • Infections following appendix removal,
  • Back to Work after 12 weeks off….


And here I am!

Going back to work was a huge struggle for me, and I started getting really anxious and having panic attacks. I spoke to my training mentor at work who was a huge help and finally plucked up the courage and tried to get a GP appointment! Refused to see me but chatted on the phone. GP told me to speak to Occupational Health at work who deemed me fit to work and told me to see my GP.

Rang GP again, refused to see me again, spoke on the phone. Dr said meds is not a good idea and that is a “1970’s approach” and “no longer used”. Which working in Healthcare obv I know that isn’t true, however he did say he would refer me to the Primary Mental Health Service.

The Nurse from the Mental Health Service rang and has been the most helpful person I have spoke to and sent a letter to my GP as he thought I could benefit from Meds.

LUCKILY!! We have moved (again) and I have changed Doctor Surgeries. So my Nurse told me he sent the letter to the new Dr Surgery and to make an appointment in about a week.

I have seen my new Doctor and I have been prescribed a new medication for anxiety.

I also have some meds which may help my dry skin, which he confirmed is Psoriasis (previous Doctors said it wasn’t).

I will be posting regarding my medications when I can so keep an eye out for that!!

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Infection Update

So after seeing the Out of Hours Doctor on the weekend then being told to see the GP today I decided to do just that.

Asked for Doctor but sent to see nurse, which was a nice nurse and met the Doctor briefly too due to me now having Ketones in my urine (Sorry if TMI) Doctor came to give me the once over.

Got told to rest and given a small talk about how even though my operation was keyhole I have still lost an organ, plus the amount of time I was ill before going into hospital my body will take longer to heal. No dog walking, no mopping, no carrying and rest the Doctor told me.

A few people have said to me “I/my relative/ my friend had their appendix out they were out in one day and back at work within 1/2 weeks”

Well Unfortunately that should have been the case, but as I have other health problems and I was ill for weeks before I can’t just recover like most people! Plus I have had abdominal surgery before so scar tissue takes longer to heal.

Plus I can’t drive over 30 miles to work (not to mention back from work) when I have 2 infections in my body and open wounds, insurance says no!!

Dizziness is a huge concern atm, BP was 110 systolic, down from the 120+ it has been the last week and temp is settling in the 36.7 region with Paracetamol.

Nausea is back again but been told that is the infection, although I have mild nausea a lot of the time anyways so keeping an eye on this in case it worsens, same advice if I suddenly get worse then off to hospital I go.

Carry on with these!! Apparently they are strong and ‘should’ do the job
Carry on with meds and keep and eye come back in a week for review.

Stitch has come out of lower left wound, that was causing huge inflammation and since stitch came out it has calmed down.

Plus I also have a water infection!!

Not sure how when I’m drinking 4 litres or so a day and on antibiotics!

On another note my delivery text came today! But no delivery 😦 This item was out of stock in the warehouse when I got my last delivery but now it is on the way, fingers crossed tomorrow.

Fingers crossed the dizzyness settles and I can just get better.

Scrolling through ebay and treated nyself to a new Food Diary for my SW journey and a new infusing water bottle and mine has a crack in lid and hard to drink out of at work.

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Welcome to my body infection….s!!

Well I knew to trust my gut:

Monday : Results in but not reviewed.

Tuesday: Still Not Reviewed.

Wednesday: Still Not Reviewed.

Thursday: Not done yet, fed up and told them I feel terrible so told to ring at 17:00 after they requested nurse to look at them.

17:00 – On hold for about 10 minutes and nurse leaving in 5 minutes but they said they can get someone to review the results.

Doctor Rings me after 18:00 asking how I am and saying I need antibiotics, so after telling them I can’t get there then basically being told I have to, managed to get a lift and got there at about 7pm.

Even after the receptionist ringing me asking where I am and basically telling me I have kept them late and they aren’t happy ( I’ll remember that when they need me at work but I’m due to go home!!)

I tried ringing them to tell them I was going to be longer than they thought but they had diverted their phones through to Out of Hours – Because their phone would keep ringing otherwise!

When I was a medical receptionist if staff were there the phones were on, we weren’t scared of staying on for a bit!!

So turns out I not only have one infection,


But my BP is fine and temperature down to 36.7 (ish) so I’m not to worry unless my temp goes up ⬆️ or I start vomiting 😷. Heart rate well up in the 100’s which is high for me!!

So now on one lot of antibiotics , two were recommended but I cannot take Metronidazole as it makes me ill so only on Flucloxacillin and see how these go.

I’m sure this story will Continue!!

In the meantime, my contour kit has been shipped!! I’m really excited about this new product!! Plus I get the brush free with it this month!!

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Update 😷

So last weekend and this week have revolved around one thing….PAIN!!

Wounds got very red and sore and left it until Monday because I can’t drive to out of hours, then tried GP monday and asked for a home visit….they only do them in really bad situations (which mine apparently isn’t!) so ended up with the district nurse coming to my house.

Apparently no infection….

Bottom stitch taken out as it was sticking out anyway!

Other two not infected apparently but dressing and Inadine applied to the belly button one to keep until Thursday.

So time to concentrate on my Detox this week….

Chicken Pizza (No Bread!) With Scrambled Egg and Sweet Potato.

Got to thursday, dressing had to be changed before as they were soiled (Nice!!) Wife was off work so she drove me to the Doctors where I saw the nurse (even though I asked for a Doctor, but she was lovely so it was fine!)

Keeping an eye on lower left wound but it’s ok at present. Belly on the other hand still oozing so re-dressed and swab taken, wait for results but nurse said she wouldn’t be surprised if something showed up! And then relevant anti-biotics can be prescribed!

Does that mean there is an infection brewing?

I feel like it, feeling run down and sick! Hot sweats, dizzyness and nausea is back!

Let’s see what happens….

This story is not over!