Apparently “There is no Way it is your Appendix!”

So here is an update on my 6 week battle of pain, My first night in the decision unit I heard the Doctor saying "She has PCOS, just send her to GYNE and they can send her home." And then the night of the 24th the surgical doctor that came to see me after me … Continue reading Apparently “There is no Way it is your Appendix!”


Day 41 – Sick of being sick

After a long 41 days, Out of Hours visits, GP visits, nurse visits and calls to NHS Direct I am still in pain. GP now saying Chronic Appendicitis, but my two blood tests done a week and two weeks before don't show WBC elevation and I am not actively vomiting so they don't suggest Hospital!! … Continue reading Day 41 – Sick of being sick

Diet Week one….here we go

OMG having visitors over resulted in a 1kg gain....  This is my highest weight since 2011. MONDAY Breakfast: this involved a weight watchers lemon yoghurt - WOW This tasted exactly like the icing on those Mr Kipling Lemon sponge cakes!! Delicious!! Lunch: the shop didn't have the wholemeal wraps but the nearest thing was best … Continue reading Diet Week one….here we go

Plan B going well …….. so far

So plan B is full steam ahead!! We have made My roasted veg soup in four VERY LARGE tubs ready for freezing. Chicken noodle soup in two large batches for either freezing or for tomorrow evening, we haven't quite decided as of yet. Two portions of chicken in a smoky barbeque sauce, this will also … Continue reading Plan B going well …….. so far