Volunteering Abroad to help heartbreak

In November 2010 I left the flat I lived in with my boyfriend and went back to my 'family home' fast forward to April/May 2011 and my story in Norway began. A friend told me about a volunteering post that had been made vacant at short notice and I thought 'what the hell' applied and … Continue reading Volunteering Abroad to help heartbreak


Visiting Manchester Next Week

I was in Norway in 2011 when a 'Man' Decided to launch an attack. I mourned with Norway as a country and a last-minute change of mind and deciding not to take some time off potentially saved my life!! I was in London on March 22nd 2017 during the Westminster attack ( We were evacuated … Continue reading Visiting Manchester Next Week

Travelling and a broken mallet

Last year we took a road trip, camping around North Wales. We saw a lot of Snowdonia National Park and saw some beautiful views. Today's Word Prompt is 'Malett' so I thought I could share a funny story. You may notice my spelling is "Mallet" - I am using British English Spelling. We had moved to … Continue reading Travelling and a broken mallet

My Day at Buckingham Palace 

I travelled to London March 22nd to go to St James Palace but we were evacuated and cancelled due to the Westminster attacks. So May 24th, 2017 I made the journey back to London but this time to attend Buckingham Palace for my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Presentation. It was a long day and … Continue reading My Day at Buckingham Palace