Mental Health Monday – Monday August 6th 2018

Today's post is a new edition!! Planned to run every Monday until the end of 2018 (maybe even longer) I hope that I can get a post out each Monday, however this may change depending on circumstances. Todays post is: 5 Ways to Wellbeing. Brought to you from Mind (You can find the post here). … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – Monday August 6th 2018


June 1st Milestones

Well Hello June!! After midnight which now makes it June 1st my site hit some milestones; 100 Posts - Which will increase over the next few days as my backlog of May Mental Health awareness letters will be uploaded. 1,000 Hits. I cannot believe that many people actually read about my life and my goals … Continue reading June 1st Milestones

Reading – 2018 Book Challenge

So I said to myself I need to read more, the only reading I seem to do is online or study related. So I set myself a challenge: To go through the alphabet and choose a book starting with each letter of the alphabet and read it. So we are 5 months into the year … Continue reading Reading – 2018 Book Challenge

Doing some research and BAM there is my face….

I was doing some research for you lovely people and went to the Mind webpage then all of a sudden I see my face on the home page; I knew my story would go live but I did not expect to see my face at 01:00AM when scrolling through the internet. I feel honoured that … Continue reading Doing some research and BAM there is my face….

2018 and upcoming changes….

It has been too long since I have last posted, there has been a lot going on. Those of you that may have visited before may have noticed some changes happening here. BIG CHANGES ARE COMING Please bear with me whilst I organise everything, change takes time-thank you for your continued support.