Today I did the dishes

Today's accomplishment was the fact that I did the dishes, well the dirty ones we have used anyway. I have not included all the stuff still packed in boxes that has to be washed before it is put away, purely because it has been in boxes so long it is dusty and needs a good … Continue reading Today I did the dishes


Update on my Running

Hi everyone!! I have been quiet over the last few days and I do have a reason why. I am so upset and sad with myself. I feel like I have let myself and several other people down. As you may be aware I was due to be in Manchester today, running my 10k for … Continue reading Update on my Running

Visiting Manchester Next Week

I was in Norway in 2011 when a 'Man' Decided to launch an attack. I mourned with Norway as a country and a last-minute change of mind and deciding not to take some time off potentially saved my life!! I was in London on March 22nd 2017 during the Westminster attack ( We were evacuated … Continue reading Visiting Manchester Next Week

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

From the 14th to the 20th of May, Mental Health awareness week is shared across several areas. But the whole month of May is also known as Mental Health Awareness Month.  The idea of an awareness month is to allow people to share time together and talk about mental health, as well as identifying factors … Continue reading May is Mental Health Awareness Month